Here we are :)


After 30 years employment in international company she wished to slow down and come closer to things that are really important for her: living in harmony with nature. She feel well surrounded by nature, animals and positive people. She like gardening, reading and cooking tasty dishes. Vegetarian since three decades.


Actor by profession, working as DTP operator, zodiac sign: aries. Hobby: books (specially crime stories), DIY, ham radio. His callsign on the air is SO6MZ. He likes people and animals,


An old gentleman after the ordeal: all his life in the city, until here,  moved to the countryside. After a few difficult weeks, he fell in love with this place just like the rest of the family. He likes walking around and sleeping in the bedroom. 


Not the youngest, but with the soul and temperament of a puppy. He likes long walks (necessarily without a leash) in all weathers, eat well and be the center of attention. He doesn't like loneliness.